Give a little, get a lot.

This Sunday, as I said, I made pancakes to homeless people with a groupe from church. It was the most heartbreaking thing to see so many starving people and to see how much something as little as three pancakes meant to them. My gosh. Their "thanks" is something I will never forget. Food should never be a luxury, but a right to every human. I just wanted to give them food for the rest if their lives so that they would never have to be hungry again and promise that their lives would take a complete new turn.
I though of The Pursuit of Happiness and of Chris Gardner who goes from sleeping on the floor of a public bathroom to becoming a millionare. I wanted to show that movie to all of them. Because If Chris Gardner could do it, who says everyone can?

The most beautiful thing that day was to see the light and spark some of them still had in their eyes and smiles. To have so little and still being able to keep the spirit up is just amazing. There are much in our lives to be happy about.

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Postat av: nonchalantgreen

You have a Beautiful Heart. Thank you for sharing your Happiness. SMILE. :)

2011-11-29 @ 08:16:34
Postat av: Bea

that's beautiful

2011-11-29 @ 20:28:28
Postat av: Jaw

ur an amazing girl!

2011-11-30 @ 17:29:10

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