When you are at your worst that's when you will find out who your real friends are

"Do something fun! Go to the city and just walk around, go shopping, go out for a run, turn the radio up and dance like crazy, hang out with all your friends you haven't seen in so long, go and hug your mom and make her breakfast and just talk for forever, do things you like, make chocolate chip cookies, or brownies if you prefer that. You can sleep when you're dead! Right? Have fun, and when I'm coming back you're mine, I don't even care if you're not in gothenburg, we ARE hanging out when I'm coming back! 
You're 18 be free, have fun! And most important get out of that bed! Okay? I love you!♥"

Those people that always say the right thing at the right moment and love you when you need it the most <3
I'm keeping you forever girlie, you give me life
Now what about those brownies? I'll make today a party.
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Postat av: nclg

you know what. finally a post in English. hee. :)

can always and only read your headline/title of ur post each time u posted. u have the longest title. all the times its so meaningful and interesting. love it. cheers!! have fun!! :)

2012-06-01 @ 07:48:55
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Postat av: Anna

Hur lyckas du vara så positiv och glad hela tiden? Jag blir sååå inspirerad och glad varje gång jag går in på din blogg! Du verkar kunna gå met ett leende på läpparna även de värsta dagarna! Har du någonsin en dålig dag hahah? Det bara skiner om hela dig hela tiden!


2012-06-01 @ 16:53:02
Postat av: Alma

Åh vilket härligt inlägg!! Love it!

2012-06-02 @ 12:53:36
Postat av: paula

You're my star hun and I just want to see you happy! I'm just glad I can help, and about keeping me forever... like you have a choice!;)

I love you so so so much!

2012-06-03 @ 17:24:42
URL: http://psintheus.blogg.se/

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