Things I love about december

Just took a shower and am now sitting by the fireplace in my cosy VS sweatsuit and fussy socks :) Brittany is watching some vampire diaries next to me and if I wasn't as stuffed as I am I would have probably roasted some marshmellows. Can't believe it's actually christmas now. Earlier we decorated the tree, and over me, over the fireplace, the stockings are hanging. It doesn't make sense when people still are walking around in flip flop and shorts. It also doesn't make sense because these couple of months have just gone by so quickly. It's scary.
Anyways, you should check out this tumblr it's so cute thingsiloveaboutwinter :)What are your favorite stuff about winter and christmas?

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Postat av: Alexandra Kjellman

Härliga bilder!

2011-12-03 @ 15:26:07
Postat av: Felicia

Jättefina bilder! Har du tagit dom själv? Så häftigt att du e utbytesstudent i usa, skulle också vilja åka o va det nån gång. :)

2011-12-10 @ 15:37:45
URL: http://dentredjeseptember,

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