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Mitt brev till familjen är inte helt färdigt så jag lägger inte upp just nu. Blir någon dag snart, imorgon kanske. Lägger upp det jag kan så länge. Om det är något ni vill att jag ska ta med eller har en fråga så komentera :)

Briefly give reasons for wanting to become an exchange student.
This is a dream I've had for several years. I'm eager to explore the world and gain knowledge from other cultures. I think that being an exchange student in an American High School is an excellent way to do that. I always want to grow as a person and challenge myself, leaving my comfortable environment here in Sweden will definitely give me many learning experiences. Improving my English skills is also a goal.

Regionsval: West
Delstatsval: 1. California 2. Arizona 3. New Jersey

Såhär skrev min engelska lärare om mig. Hon kryssa i excellent på allt med min engelska förutom writing haha

Här är bilder jag använt till mitt fotoalbum:

En bild när jag var på Malta sommaren 2009 på språkresa

Jag tillsamans med mitt cheerleading lag Heroes

Mig och fina vän Bea i Spanien

Pappa och jag

.. och mamma

En bild på mig och mina närmaste vänner på "prom"

Jag och Lina

Min familj på mammas sida

Parent's letter. Vet inte om detta är så kul för er att läsa men här är mammas brev till familjen, en bra beskrivning av mig.

Dear host family!

Eira's father and I are very grateful that you are willing to receive and welcome our daughter. At the same time we would like to say that you are lucky to get the chance to share time with her - because she truly is a beautiful person! Maybe all parents think that way about their children, but let us describe her as fairly as we can.

Eira is very easy-going and calm and so are the friends she makes at school. Through the years we have had an amazingly small number of conflicts. I guess we listen to each other and show each other respect and that way we usually find a solution that even Eira, the teenager, is OK with!

I would say that she is a very honest person. She doesn't like to keep her life a secret to her father and me so we never need to worry that she will get into trouble that we don't know about. Gradually we have let her have more freedom, for instance to travel, and she has never failed our trust. Last summer she spent three weeks on her own on Malta, studying English in a language school.

Some of Eira's strongest personality traits is that she is caring, social, funny, focused and ambitious. She also has strong views, especially concerning human rights and how to treat other people. She will speak up and take action to promote something she believes in.

On the less rosy side I will admit that Eira does not do a lot of chores at home. In the past we have not given her so many chores seeing that she is focusing so much on her school work. Still, I know Eira as a responsible person, so I'm sure there will be no problem with ordinary house work that you would like her to do. At home she never says no when I ask her... and she does keep her room tidy... most of the time!

Studying takes up quite a lot of Eira's time. When she takes time off she usually hangs out with friends. At the moment she is taking a break from cheerleading which she really loves doing. Two years ago her team made it to the Swedish finals. In the States I know that she hopes to be able to start cheering again.

Going to the States and spending a year as an exchange student has long been a dream to Eira. She is excited to experience the American culture and meet new friends. She would pack her bags and leave tomorrow if she could! Her father and I encourage her to be independent and to see the world as it gives her a greater perspective on life. Knowing her as a person we know she will enjoy it and we believe she will make an effort to blend in.

Naturally, you are welcome to ask any questions that you may have now to make you comfortable with the decision of having our daughter stay with you.

Thank you for your hospitality!
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Postat av: anonym

hur uttalar man ditt namn ?

2010-12-06 @ 14:52:57
Postat av: thezi

vad heter din svenskalärare i efternamn?=)

2010-12-06 @ 14:56:30
Postat av: Karin

Gud vad spännande det låter! men jag bara undrar vilken sida du använde dig av när du sökte om att bli utbytesstudent?

Väldigt tacksam för svar :)

2011-01-03 @ 19:21:43
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