True confidence leaves no room for jealousy. When you know you are great there is no need to hate.

College campus
At pizzahut picking songs from jukebox
This entire section of the grocery store was all Halloween


2 pictures from today. It's spirit week (homecoming week) so it's a different theme for every day, today was Harry Potter vs. Twilight. A lot of people walked around with HP clothes, wonds and glasses, so cute! No one dared to stand up for Twilight though haha. Yesterday was twin day which almost everyone forgot about since we came back from fall break but some were really matchy and wore bunnies cosumes and all kinds of crazy stuff. Tomorrow is rockstar day, thursday is Corona day I think and Friday is Disney :)

3 kommentarer
Postat av: johanna

kan inte du visa bilder på alla olika kläder som du kommer ha/ har haft den här veckan?

2011-10-19 @ 08:07:15
Postat av: Madeleine

Guud vad härligt du har det!!

Roligt att läsa och se bildbevis på :)

2011-10-19 @ 15:19:39
Postat av: Alexandra Kjellman

Åh, härligt!

2011-10-19 @ 18:41:06

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