H a p p y H a l l o w e e n

Happy Halloween everybody! My pumkin is carved and I am watching the nightmare before christmas for the third time. Haha that awkward moment when you realize you have a crush on a skalleton, Jack is so adorable! At disneyland they had a haunted house that was made into a nightmare before christmas house for the holiday and it was I think my favorite attraction there, cutest thing ever! Anyway, me Michelle, Brittany and our nabour are going trick or treating later today - I think I'm going to borrow Brittany's Robyn costume. There are Halloween decorations everywhere, big sections of halloween stuff in the grocery stores since sseptember and eveything on TV right now is Halloween. Have a wonderful Halloween and American day!

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Postat av: Alexandra Kjellman


2011-10-31 @ 13:01:04
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