Frågestund med Dezaray

Hello beautiful. Tänkte att det kanske hade varit kul för er att ha en frågestund med en amerikanare så kommentera era frågor om ni har några, Dez är jätte excited på att svara. Poooosssss.

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Postat av: murielle

What did you know about sweden before you met Eira? And what do you know now? Would you like to visit Sweden some time? :)

2011-11-13 @ 22:31:45
Postat av: Petra

Whats the best/worst thing with U.S?

2011-11-13 @ 22:56:33
Postat av: Victoria

Haha because we don't have hall passes in Sweden (a)

I have a question! Do you really think that we have polar bears on the streets here in Sweden? I mean REALLY?!

Take care of my bby, bake for her! She likes unicorn cup cakes a lot!

lots of love; Vickan (you know who) ;)

2011-11-13 @ 22:56:34
Postat av: Lovisa

Were you "against" exchange students before Eira came? Did you think they were nerds who knew nothing and didn't know any english at all? :)

2011-11-13 @ 23:12:48
Postat av: kesia

do you have any tips to future exchange students, about making friends etc. and what they should do to make friends if the people at their school aren't that curious about them?

2011-11-13 @ 23:19:20
Postat av: Mikaela

What are the big does and don'ts in fashion over there? Not like catwalk fashion, but like everyday fashion?

2011-11-14 @ 00:52:03
Postat av: chama

I hear that the age for drinking and going to clubs and stuff are 21. Is It the same In the whole country? And does everybody wait until they are 21 to go to clubs, or is it easy to get in if you are under age?

2011-11-14 @ 01:06:16
Postat av: Ella

Hi! What do you think of Swedish? And Swedish boys/girls? Do you wear flipflop all the time? If you could just go for a trip somewhere in europe where should that be? Who is the cutes boy in your school? (picture) haha!

2011-11-14 @ 09:24:26
Postat av: Anonym

where do your family live? :)

2011-11-14 @ 10:56:58
Postat av: Anonym

wat do you love about usa? :)

2011-11-14 @ 10:57:33
Postat av: Sofia

What was your first impression of Eira? Did you know that she was Swedish when you first met her? :)

2011-11-14 @ 14:25:32
Postat av: sandra

Are Americans really so stupid as everyone thinks? It feels like you think the U.S. is the world and that you don't know anything about the world.

2011-11-14 @ 14:59:15
Postat av: MATILDA

Where in U.S do you live?

Whats the best/worse about living in U.S?


2011-11-14 @ 17:17:12
Postat av: Bea

What impression did you get by Eira the first time you saw/met her?

Do you ever feel like you want to move from the U.S. ever?

2011-11-14 @ 18:08:23
Postat av: Ellie

Is it true that everyone eats out a lot in the U.S? (instead of cooking dinner at home).

2011-11-14 @ 19:10:11
Postat av: andrea

How is Eira like?

2011-11-14 @ 20:02:43
Postat av: Sigrid

Okey Eira, hoppas du kan översätta det här åt mig, haha!

Är det sant att de flesta amerikanare inte är intresserade av att åka/bo utomlands ett tag, som dem flesta européer är? :)

2011-11-14 @ 20:49:52
Postat av: Anonym

What's your first thought when you hear "Sweden" and "swede"?

2011-11-15 @ 18:13:23
Postat av: Anonym

Where in the world would you live if you couldn't choose u.s?

2011-11-15 @ 20:49:43
Postat av: Anonym

Is everything in high school like it is in the movies?

2011-11-15 @ 20:53:12
Postat av: elvira manning

I think the U.S i really fascinating.

But what do you think is the main diffrence between Sweden and America? Generally.

Of what you've heard, and seen in pics and stuf?

2011-11-16 @ 00:22:04
Postat av: mimmi

What kind of "fördomar" (Kan inte engelska ordet) did you have of Swedes before you met Eira and what Swedish words can you say?

2011-11-16 @ 12:01:07
Postat av: lovisa

how is it to be an american? i mean, high school, proms, dating, cheerleading,,, so cool :)

is converse popular in the u.s?

do you think its hot where you live?

2011-11-16 @ 16:52:53
Postat av: Anonym

how does it "feel" to be a teenager in America? I mean in Sweden all the typical "High school movies" are so popular and I can promise you that every swedish girl has seen at least one! :) I know it might be hard to explain "how it feels" but I mean, you're an American girl and i'm pretty sure there's a lot of Swedish girl's that would like to live as you for one day! :D

2011-11-16 @ 18:22:50
Postat av: Aida

Is Arizona a very religious state? I ask this question because I think it is interesting to make a comparison, Sweden being one of the most atheistic countries in the world (most Swedes do not believe in God or in Jesus). And is it true that some school do not teach pupils about evolution?

2011-11-17 @ 15:20:43
Postat av: Anonym

which states have you been to? :)

2011-11-17 @ 19:21:42
Postat av: emma

At which age are most americans losing their virgin? Is it common to wait til marriage?

2011-11-18 @ 06:38:02
Postat av: Cecilia

Do you want to visit Sweden someday? If you would travel with Eira to which countries would it be then in the world. Choose 3 countries and explain why :)?

Have a good day :)

2011-11-19 @ 00:06:49
Postat av: Dezaray

I made a video to respond to half of the questions another is coming soon....thank you for all the wonderful questions everyone <3

2011-12-09 @ 03:16:50

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