Before I die

Live in a penthouse. See the golden gate bridge. Say "I do". Learn fluent Italian. Own a pair of Louboutins. Take my kids on an amazing vacation. Donate a large amount of money to cancer research. Have a bonfire. Have my father walk me down the aisle. See Beyonce live. Star in a movie. Be in two places at once. Find the end of the rainbow. Go to prom. Write something in wet sement. Change the world. Conquer my fears. Have a dog. Pursue a dream for my mom. Live in an apartment in downtown Manhattan. See gay marriage be legalized wverywhere. Buy all the gumballs out of the machine. Publish a book. Ride a horse on a beach. Take a homeless person out to dinner. Study in Hawaii. Go to a college party. Ride in a helicopter. Be on Ellen Degeneres show. Develop a british accent. Pay for a strangers groceries. Move out on my own. Change someone's life. Live.
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Postat av: fridah

amazing list!

2011-11-11 @ 16:21:54
Postat av: sanna

Vart hittade du domdär bilderna?:)

Älskar din blogg btw!

2011-11-12 @ 22:38:17
Postat av: Anonym

Vart hittar man alla bilderna? :D

2011-11-15 @ 07:40:23
Postat av: Agnes

fint inlägg! :) slutade du inte du blogga? Eller drömde jag det? xD

2011-11-28 @ 16:52:13

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