Things I LOVE

Making do with what you've got like when you’re too full to order dessert, so you put a birthday candle in your quesadilla, or when you run out of words so you just smile instead.
Ocean air
When you do something nice for someone, just because, and they're instensely stoked and appreciative
Those times when you realize that somebody doesn't have to tell you with their words how much they care about you because you can tell in their actions and the little things they do every day
When you get a really fantastic idea and somebody else gets the same really fantastic idea without even talking about it and it becomes doubly fantastic because you're both thinking the same thing
Staying up late beacuse you can sleep the next day
When you watch a movie with people but none of you are really wathing and you just quote all the good parts before they happen and make up your own dialouge and crack jockes the whole time.
Being able to just cry into somebody's arms
When you go to a friend's house and their parents say the word "You're welcome here anytime"
People who are brave enough to be themselves

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