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Region: West - Guaranteed - Arizona Guaranteed
nterests:   dancing     family activities     going to the movies     music     shopping     travelComments:   State Guarantee-California,Arizona
Eira is a funny, spontaneous, honest, friendly girl with a big heart. You can often find her sitting with those who are alone, as she likes to make everyone feel valuable. Eira is a member of Amnesty International to support work for human rights. Eira used to be a cheerleader and would love to be one in the USA, while on the program. She loves to work out at the gym and dance. Eira has a B average with an excellent level of English skills. She is very motivated and has great potential for success.

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Postat av: Ahalannika

Wow! Fyfan vad kul, din lyckost. Du kommer nog ha det roligaste och mest lärorikaste året i hela ditt liv. Kommer dock sakna dig som fan! Åh, vad trist. Såg att du var sjuk. Krya på dig gosunge, du får vila upp dig ordentligt med massa godis och mysigar filmer. Puss

2011-02-08 @ 22:20:38
URL: http://aklvs.blogg.se/
Postat av: Bea

Åh grattis!! :D <3

2011-02-08 @ 22:38:37
Postat av: Anna

åh, Grattis!! Next stop - the US! Ha det bra, kram

2011-02-09 @ 11:28:16
URL: http://annafilippa.blogg.se/
Postat av: amanda utbytesstudent USA

Grattis! Hade du Arizona som 1:a ? :D

2011-02-10 @ 19:45:12
URL: http://amandakingen.blogg.se/

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