Dec. 9, 2011

All of our pages in yearbook are being sent for printing today so we are celebrating it with cupcakes! My page was about exchange students so I've interviewed the other exchange students, taken pictures, written, interviewed people for quotes and put it all into the page. It's been stressful so it feels really good to have it done and so cool to look at the page an see my name on there and know that it's going into the yearbook. Tonight I'm going to go to the movies with some friends. The bell will ring in like one minute. Xoxo

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Postat av: Jaw

Merry Christmas Eira! <3

2011-12-10 @ 00:04:21
Postat av: ELIN

Hur varmt är det där nu? Med tanke på att någon har på sig dunjacka och du en stickad tröja :o

2011-12-10 @ 12:06:11

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