Brittany guest bloging

Hi this is Eira's host sister Brittany! I love having Eira as my sister and is it really funny how all the American boys like her a lot. On the first day if school she said to me, "I want a boyriend," so we made a list of what she wants in boyfriend.

Eira's Boyfriend List
- taller than her 5 feet 7 inches
- not a blond
- under fifty years old (because this 50 year old track coach at a different school was flirting with her)
- confident
- not a bro (Jersey Shore)
- any ethnicity
- pretty attractive
- doesn't smell badly/smell good
- not fake
- not too skinny
- no off putting acne
- male (we needed to specify)
- deep
- sensitive
- would pick up her books if she drops them
- open minded
- kind and caring
- witty
- accepting
- good cook
- not younger

I am glad to say that I have found three guys whom I think she would like dating. One already has a hugh crush on her and she hasn't really met the other two. I say by september she might have a boyfriend ;)

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haha du lär nog jobba på lite om du ska hinna få pojkvän inom en månad ;)

2011-08-18 @ 11:41:39
Postat av: elin

Hihi åhh!! Va kul:')

2011-08-18 @ 18:57:27
Postat av: sebastian

Haha that's just great! :D You go girl!

Liked the part "dosen't smell bad" haha x)

I made the misstake to talk to the wrong girl today xP Her boyfriend came up to me and was like "Huh, are you flirting with my girl?" And I was like "No? I am just talking to her man" I mean she droped her books so I was just kind and picked them up for her and introduced myself. She was like "Thank you! But haha, I already know your name, everyone dose"

Haha.. So Eira, hows it going with the Cheerleading? I don't even know why I type in english..

2011-08-19 @ 02:30:28
Postat av: Maria

Hahahahhaa eiiiraa! Berätta hur det går sen sweetie!:)

2011-08-19 @ 03:17:14
Postat av: victoria

I think I fit in every category except the male thing.. ;)

2011-08-19 @ 09:38:28
Postat av: Tilda

Hahaha! Vad roliga ni är ;D

2011-08-19 @ 15:13:09
Postat av: Anonym

Å din blogg är så himla bra, av alla utbytesbloggar jag läser är din den absolut bästa. Keep it up!

2011-08-19 @ 19:10:45
Postat av: Isa

aaaw so sweet :D Jag älskar din värdsyrra eira!!! :D

2011-08-20 @ 17:38:00
Postat av: Glenn

All swedish boys like her a lot too. Just saying. ;)

2011-08-21 @ 19:55:40
Postat av: Eira

Haha Gillan :D

2011-08-22 @ 05:49:31
Postat av: Glenn

Haha ofta det var ett så obvious namn?

2011-08-22 @ 14:51:19
Postat av: Anonym

Din email var lite smått avslöjande också haha

2011-08-22 @ 15:01:00

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