Things to love about summer.

sundresses. fireflies. wildflowers by the highway. easy grilled dinners. summer thunderstorms. the long, lingering daylight hours. cold watermelon. napping in a hammock. sunglasses as headbands. the smell of sunscreen. picnics. daytrips to the beach (and the reminder of it with sand everywhere). iced tea. swimming. halter top strings dangling down your back. outdoor movies. sandcastles. wavy, sexy beach hair. saltwater taffy. drippy ice cream cones. easy entertaining on your porch or in your backyard. lying on a floating wooden platform in the middle of a lake. kids playing in sprinklers. big, floppy hats. vacation, staycation, or just giving yourself a quick relaxation break. the sounds of the ice cream truck. braids. eating outside (especially breakfast). crisp, cool cotton sheets, dresses, and shirts. lemonade stands. sunny days = sunnier moods. outdoor concerts. blowing bubbles. getting lost in a juicy novel for an afternoon. water balloons. road trips. frisbee. collecting seashells. staying inside when you’ve had too much sun, blasting the a/c, and watching movies. retro bathing beauty swimsuits. driving with the top down. open windows. sand between your toes. sunglasses. blackberries. a cool breeze on a hot day. flip flops. the smoky smell of people barbecuing in the evenings. spotting hot air balloons. dogs with their heads out car windows, tongues wagging. bicycles built for two. snorkeling. neighborhood block parties. the weightlessness of floating with the sun on your face.

What's not to love?

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