Äntligen färdig & mitt brev till världfamiljen

HAR SKICKAT IN ALLTING NU TILL MIN AMERIKANSKA ORGANISATION!! Äntligen äntligen äntligen äntligen!!!! Sååååå glad just nu. JIPPIE :D Innan jag var inne i denna processen och jag läste en massa utbytesstudents bloggar så trodde jag alltid att de överdrev om hur jobbig ansökningen var. Kan säga att jag nog tyckt den varit precis lika jobbig som alla andra. Sjukt mycket grejer som skall fixas och ordnas med. Nu är jag äntligen färdig! Känns så skönt! :)

Jag, mamma och bunten med papper som snart skickas till staterna :)

Här är vad jag lovat länge. Mitt brev till familjen:

Dear host family!

My name is Eira and I'm sixteen years old. I live in a small town called  , which is located near Sweden's second biggest city Gothenburg. That's where my high school is. I'm in 10th grade, studying social studies.

In my free time I hang out with family and friends. I work out in the gym and take yoga and dance classes. I used to do cheerleading and I actually made it to the Swedish finals with my squad two years ago. At the moment I'm taking a break, but I'm hoping to start cheering again in the US. I love the spirit in cheerleading!

I'm a person who like to speak up for the things I believe in and I also take action. I'm a member of Amnesty International to support the work for for human rights. But sometimes injustices happen right next to you in subtle ways - so I usually go sit down by people who are left alone in the high school cafeteria. I don't like to see when people are not included. Everybody needs to feel valuable!

My friends would say about me that I am a funny, spontaneous and honest person that you can depend on. My mom would probably say that I am an independent and courageous person with a big heart.

Going to the United States and spending a school year as an exchange student has been a dream of mine for many years. I've always loved to travel and see the world. I'm really looking forward to experience America from the inside, living with an American family and going to high school. I'm looking forward to gain eperiences and knowledge from your country.

Another reason for me to go on this exchange year is that I want to challenge myself as a person. Leaving my comfortable environment here in Sweden will definitely give me many learning experiences. Also I want to create memories and do something completely different for a year. Bettering my English is another goal.

Of course I have high expectations - I am sure it will be a great experience and that it will be very different from my life so far. I expect myself to be as open as possible and to adjust to life and obey rules in your home and at school. I also expect myself to represent Sweden in a good way. When I come I will of course answer questions about my native country if you are curious! My plan is to take pictures and document a lot before I go to the US so I can show you life as it is here.

I am very grateful that you are considering to have me staying with you. Of course I will gladly answer any questions you may have about me. Just go ahead and ask if you think there is something I have left out.

I'm so looking forward to hearing from you and to seeing you next fall!

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Postat av: Emmy

Bra jobbat! :D

2010-12-18 @ 21:18:06
URL: http://emmyiusa.blogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

Din ansökan var jätte bra! Hur visste du vad du skulle skriva i brevet?

Hur bestämde du dig för att åka just det här året?

// En blivande utbytesstudent

2011-04-10 @ 14:26:50

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