And if you don't fit in just know your differances are beautiful to see. Well, they're beautiful to me. There's no one quite like you, be proud in all you do. Be who you are, don't be ashamed.

One of the things that I truly have had to learn, sometimes the hard way but that I'd like to share with you is to trust your own instincts. No matter what people may say about you, no matter what criticism or what negativity might come your way but just being who you are and just being yourself is so imoportant. You are beautiful no matter what they say.

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Postat av: nataliegoesamerican

sv: jag insåg att jag glömde skriva vilken amerikanskt organisation.. Men jag åker med ICES. Och jag behövde visst göra skin test ;) hehe

blir väl bara att ringa till sjukvården igen.

Och nej jag har inga problem med sprutor alls, tack och lov! :P

2010-12-08 @ 13:55:16

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